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Multireflexology - Dien Chan

Fast pain relief! self-treating with Dien Chan!

Original method Facial Reflexology Multireflex

International School of Multireflexology - Dien Chan

The team of experts in Dien Chan presents some of the pages from the reference book of the original method of facial reflexology: Dien Chan.
This iBook is available in the ’Books’ app of your iPad to download a free sample or acquire the complete book.

For more tips on using Dien Chan tools, visit the full online catalogue at DienShop.com.
The genuine multireflex instruments are made of natural horns, mimosa wood and high-end meta

The iPad app called Faceasit has become the best source of inspiration for those who wish to customise their care protocols in Dien Chan. Rewarded with the ’2018 Reflexology Innovation Award’, Faceasit is the essential support for practising this incredible method and understanding the relationships between the diagrams of reflexion and bqc·points. More info at Faceasit.com.
★ Learn how to «Design a care plan in Dien Chan’ by consulting this free file plan.Faceasit.com.

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